What is bitcorex?

WHAT IS BITCOREX? Bitcorex? it is a spendable bitcoin flashing powerful program, with this bitcorex you will flash spendable bitcoin and also use it to pay or purchase anything online on any platform or e-commerce website.
HOW DOES IT WORK? below is a clear tutorial of it and summary of how to use along with the guides, do’s and dont’s of it.

Alot of crazy methods of scam has been out in the past years and right now alot of cyber smart workers are gradually doing something that seems a bit legitimate and it doesn’t stop there, another crazy method that’s out now is flashing of spendable bitcoin. we will teach you how to steal bitcoin/crypto currencies and how to flash spendable bitcoin into any crypto wallet easily without any risk.

you think is not possible? Calm down. Here on our website everything we tell you is legitimate and works perfectly well.

alot of you have been thinking of the possibility of how to flash spendable bitcoin so here’s it, you can do it, just stand up and stand out then take a bold step.

before we give you full orientation on how to do this first of all we are going to tell you few things you will need to know about it before going into it.

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you must withdraw this bitcoin and spend it within five minutes because if you wait for it to get to ten minutes it will be too late and won’t work so you must send it out before five minutes

Reason is before a new block is added to the blockchain with that transaction in it new Bitcoin blocks are added at a rate of 10 minutes on average, and each one confirms all the transactions before it so be sure to send it out immediately you flash it and you must use blockchain which notifies you of new bitcoin transactions by this way you will be able to know when the bitcoin drops to your wallet. As we all know you can send an unconfirmed bitcoin to another wallet so do not wait for it to be confirmed before spending it or sending it to any merchant just send it out immediately you receive it and then it will be confirmed at the merchants end.

“How to flash spendable bitcoin”

What is bitcorex
disappearing, none and merchant’s wallet diagram

wondering how the bitcoin will be confirmed? That’s not your business, leave it to our system to handle.

which bitcoin am I going to use and flash and where will I get it from?

in our program you will have your own bitcoin wallet, inside that wallet you must deposit a minimum of $300 worth of Bitcoin, to deposit it you will need to click menu at the top right bar, select deposit, click the “deposit button” and your wallet address will be shown to you, copy it and send the $300 (three hundred dollars worth of Bitcoin to it)

NOTE: you must use priority network to send this bitcoin in order to save time, reason is the lower the blockchain fee, the lower your transaction’s priority in the network. Therefore, the longer the confirmation will take; so be sure to send it with priority not regular.

after sending it wait for the bitcoin to be confirmed, after it’s confirmed you then click the menu again and select flash bitcoin. You will see the flashing portal at the portal input the merchant bitcoin address, flash $300 to it. After flashing the crypto copy the harsh and send to the merchant and ask them to confirm your transaction.

on the process of trying to confirm they will see your transaction and will of course ask you to wait for one or two confirmation on blockchain network in order to pay you out. Be patient and wait the bitcoin will be confirmed at their end and they will pay you out but immediately they pay you out it won’t last up to 7hours the particular bitcoin will disappear.

NOTE: the bitcoin you’re depositing in the wallet is not going to leave the wallet, it will be duplicated, it will be dual, one will be disappearing bitcoin one will be indisappearing bitcoin and the disappearing bitcoin is what will be sent out.

The question is no more “What is bitcorex?” Is now how do I get started?. To get start you will need to purchase the bitcorex, purchase and install it. It comes with a guide, read the guide if there’s anything you don’t understand you ask question we will attend to you and assist you.

to buy the program click below Button, be sure to input a valid email during checkout because a link will be mailed to you after payment and via that link you will be able to download the program and get started instantly after installation and set up.

NOTE: $300 dollar is the minimum amount to deposit but you can deposit any amount you want but the minimum is 300$. for more information you can find it at bitcorex Official Website: bitcorex.org

we are done answering your questions on and guiding you to how to flash spendable bitcoin now is time for you to get back to work and GoodLuck!

How to send Flash Funds in Nigeria

Today we are going to teach you How to send flash funds in Nigeria easily without any trace, flash funds 8.0 that reflects on available balance.

many nigerian hackers and intending hackers have been looking for a way to learn How to send flash funds in Nigeria,

To send flash funds to Nigerian bank account has been a challenge but we are cardrosoftwares.com we always bring you an easy way to do the difficult tasks.

For you to be able to send flash funds in Nigeria or flash funds Nigerian bank account you will need to be equipped and here on our website we are going to teach How to send flash funds in Nigeria as we stated above and will equip you.

You need flash funds application or flash funds app so below we are going to list them.

You need Flash Funds 8.0 either on your mobile phone or your computer.


flash funds is a method or can be defined as a way of sending swift payment to any bank account especially Nigerian bank account and it will disappear after a period of time.


All you need is the bank account details you want to flash and your own bank account details, you will fill up required fields then fill up sender’s name and account details with your own bank account details then input amount you want to flash and hit send then beneficiary will receive alert and it will reflect on his/her available balance then after 48hours it will disappear. Is flash funds!


flash funds app is not available on any appstore, is a hacking app and can’t be uploaded on such platforms so you can not Download it, flash funds 8.0 is not free, you will have to purchase it.


to buy flash funds 8.0 or flash funds app click HERE for hacked logins, bank logs and CC draining app, (carding application) contact us by clicking below WhatsApp button or taking our number from the top of our website.

We are glad you now know solution to How to send flash funds in Nigeria kindly share this post and drop comment below.

How to Transfer Money in Nigeria Without OTP

We shall be talking about how to bypass bank otp verification in Nigeria and at the end of the day, you must have learnt how to transfer money without otp verification in Nigeria. Just keep rocking but always concentrate in the safety aspect.

“How To Transfer Money In Nigeria Without OTP using XDolte” Before Now And Even Now, I have been working Online and doing my things secretly and so many Guys has known me so they prefer working with me on a regular. I don’t advertise myself either but in one way or the other and through my work on this site, they gat to deal.

If i do the calculation rightly, I have over 23 constant Guys who regularly supply Credit/ Debit cards for Easy Cashout and they are like “Hey Christine how do you manage to transfer Funds without Otp Verification” because i do it in a matter of minutes and send them their shares so they are very surprised thinking it’s very impossible to bypass bank otp verification

I don’t Really Share Most of My Tools even for Money because the moment they are well known even by the Government agents (Police and other Bodies, it becomes a problem to us). Most of the secrete tools i use they do meet them on my phone in many occasions but because they don’t even know their functions they just skip it like normal app (but don’t try That anyway as it’s risky).

At the end of this Post, I will explain:

  • The Meaning of Bank OTP Verification
  • I will Tell You How possible it’s to Bypass Bank Otp verification
  • I will Share one Powerful Tool To Bypass OTP verification in Nigeria
  • And How to Remain Anonymous During this Transfer

What is Bank OTP Verification

OTP means – One Time Password: This One time password is usually sent By Any Nigeria Bank when Transfers are been initiated online through any money transfer platform such as Flutterwave , Quickteller, Paystack and every other online places that supports Card payments in Nigeria.

At the Stage of the OTP, The code will be sent to the mobile number or email attached with the bank account. They assume you are the bank owner so you should have access to these details. If you can get and input the password correctly, your transfer will be successfully otherwise there’s no way forward.

They do this for security reasons at least to reduce illegal funds transfer through banks. You will understand that if you’ve been doing online transactions before now.

There’s No online Store in Nigeria to do transaction without OTP. Am very Sure about this. But there are many International online stores where we use Cards without OTP verification. (Those who do Carding will understand this). But this can’t work on Local stores in Nigeria.

Is It Possible To Transfer Money Without Otp In Nigeria?

Like i always tell people, This Era is a Period of possibilities. A period where almost everything is possible.

Have you ever woke up to see debit alerts you never made? If yes, it simply means Men At Work and you should know that the Tech world is growing bigger than the giant you can even imagine. If you have not, I pray it won’t happen to you. (But don’t doubt the possibilities of things).

To answer the question: Yes it’s absolutely Possible to do Online Bank Transfer in Nigeria without OTP verification. Very possible and easy with Certain bank hacking tools.

As a Hacker, You don’t think like Normal Human, You think beyond the impossibility, You imagine and find solutions to things that people say it can’t work. With this, You can make Massive income given them a perfect solution (that’s how Hacking pays)

Most of the Anonymous Hacking Tools online are developed and Designed by cardrosoftware.com we are specialized in Breaking Bank Codes and passing through bank windows doing the normal things anonymously.

You can signup for our Hacking Software Developing Master Class for Just $175. or buy our E-Book to learn it at your own ease at home, It’s one Whole Year Online Hacking course which is only based on development of bank hacking related tools. You can Pay Half and at the end of Six Months, You Pay the Rest while You complete the course. Let’s keep that aside for now. If you interested just message us on whatsapp or send email message.

Back to Business, We use Encryptions from certain international websites where one can do transactions without OTP to build XDolte. A Hacking tool specifically made for online transfer without OTP verification in Nigeria.

What is XDolte And How does it Work

XDolte is a Hacking Tool
developed to solve the issue of Transferring Funds from stolen or hacked cards in Nigeria without having OTP verification issues.

With XDOLTE Apk app specially designed for Android users, anyone can make bank transfers without OTP. Let me break down the two functions of this tool.

  • XDOLTE for Transfer You only have to do your normal Bank Transaction. By entering your card number, Card cvv, card expiration date. DOLTE PRO don’t ask for ATM pin nor OTP.
  • XDolte for Shopping: This Tool Have its own Inbuilt mobile Browser which makes it possible to shop on any online store in Nigeria without OTP. Provided you entered the product link using XDOLTE browser,When You Hire us to Purchase things online using your stolen cards, this is the same tool we make use of and it’s perfect when it comes to shopping online without OTP. Stop searching for online stores that don’t request OPT because there’s non in Nigeria. But with the help of XDOLTE, your purchase is easy except for one disadvantage stated below.

XDOLTE Don’t Work on Jumia and OLX

We have tested and Confirmed it working on almost every Nigeria online store except OLX and Jumia. These two stores have unbreakable codes which makes it impossible for the tool to bypass their security.

Each time you try use XDOLTE on any of these websites, You will still get request to enter your OTP. It don’t work but we are still working to see if we can fix and make the tool work on these two stores. The app will surely be upgraded as soon as our research goes through.

How To Stay Anonymous When Using XDOLTE

XDOLTE is not completely safe when it comes to doing bank transfer as the transaction details will still be present on the account statement of the victim and with this, You can be tracked down by any government law enforcement agency.

Let me Show You how to Use XDOLTE safely without Getting caught.

I personally use the two functions of this app. For making online shopping and also for doing bank transfers. For the online shopping, the tool have four fixed IP where you can easily turn your location.
For bank Transfers, here’s how i go about it. Create Fake bank account which have nothing to do with any of your personal details. This might not be easy to archive because no accountant will open bank account without Passports and BVN. So here’s how to bypass that.

Meet any timid man far from your location, Pay them to help you open a fake bank account, my team did this when I was in Nigeria. They will open the account with their personal details using the New Sim card you will buy for that purpose. They will collect and Give You the ATM. Now you are good to Go.

Anytime you pick some Cards, Use XDOLTE to move all Funds to your Fake bank account. Then from the Fake account, Withdraw from any POS far from you, or use the funds for online transactions. With this, you will stay anonymous without trace.

But if you think You can stay safe using your personal account, You are free but whatever happens to you will be upon you as we will not be responsible for any act of law carried out in you.

XDOLTE Cost $125 – Transfer Money without Otp in Nigeria

The software – Mobile App Cost Just $120 and you will get Lifetime License.

Note: You cannot Share the app from one Device to another but you can switch it from one device to another.

If You order XDOLTE You will Get a unique download link and a license Key which is made only to work with your download link. When you download, install, enter your Key your app will be activated.

If you want to switch from one device to another, you will have to download using same link again and also using the same activation Key but then the app will crash on the initial device because the key is only made for one app per device.

If any other person want to get the app, he or she must purchase activation Key from us. Hope you understand?

The $120 can make you millions in a short while if rightly used. Just be careful and use your head. Remember there’s nothing more important than staying anonymous when it comes to running street matters.

XDOLTE Business Opportunities

There are many people out there looking for reliable means to Cashout their Cards in Naira. You can target such clients, Work for them and get your share easily. They get the cards while you do the Cashout. (also part of the services i render and i have grown a large customer base on this).

Xdolte works for all Banks in the world so if you are looking for how to transfer from other countries without OTP, this app is made for you.

XDOLTE Minimum and Maximum Transaction Limits

With XDOLTE BASIC You can Transfer below 90,000USD and you can’t transfer above $90,000 daily.

The Transaction limit will rest every 48hrs. That means if you exceed the maximum of $90,000 today before you can send again, you will have to wait till another 48hrs. Wither on the same or different Credit/debit Cards.

However, The online shopping usage is unlimited. You can spend any amount doing shopping online.


Be sure to download app on Android phone with at least version 4.0 or greater versions.

As soon as you Download and install Your Mobile App successfully, launch the app

When you access app, you must agree to the terms of use so therefore You will click the “Yes Agreed” Button as shown highlighted on below screenshot and start using the app.

When you do, you will see the main menu of the app.

App is easy to navigate. Even internet newbie can use the app easily. Even at that, We have the step by step guide on how to use XDOLTE. You will get the PDF guide when you make purchase.

The Guide will show you every step on how to use the mobile app. Starting from the activation to the transfer process.

Conclusions: So far, You have gotten the Last longing solution on How to Transfer money in Nigeria without OTP verification.

You can’t Hit the street hard unless you are prepared and you can’t be prepared without getting your tools ready. To get xdolte click HERE

Get your Tools Ready Now and start hitting the street hard. Goodluck. Please share.

How to hack debit card with Cardro Pro

we decided to teach you how to hack debit card with Cardro Pro in few easy steps, debit card is an electronic card used to withdraw money from automated teller machine (ATM) it is a form of identification for every Account holder that has it which enable you to walk to any ATM machine and make Withdrawal anytime any day and any where.

How to hack debit card


Ninety five percent of automated teller machines has so much money loaded in to cash therefore if you manage to break it open you can have over a million illegal to yourself,

learn how to flash funds in India today!

Wait! Did I just say to break it open? Oh my goodness that’s suicidal! It is highly risky because most of the automated teller machines are heavily guarded by security personnels 24hours therefore you can not break it open and leave freely, you can not even succeed to breaking it.

learn how to flash spendable bitcoin today!

breaking it? Is almost even impossible, it is sealed and has a bullet proof seal on it, it is made if chaka plate steal pan.

now I am going to teach you how to hack debit card without OTP verification easily without being discovered by any security right from your comfort zone chilling off, you will have to learn and understand the risks involved in this process and avoided them, I am going to list it our below for you.

below is screenshot of the main menu and marked is what you will click on.


  • avoid telling anyone about your plan on this – you might be talking to a saboteur about your plan and end up being hacked
  • keep no one around you during the process
  • Avoid expired debit or credit card
  • avoid being close to any bank during this process
  • do not sending the stolen funds directly to your local bank account


Now for you to learn how to hack debit or credit card first you have to get cardro 40, with cardro40 you will be able to hack any debit or credit card without any issues.


i hope i will not be caught?

no you won’t be caught

do i need vpn to use the app?

no you don’t need vpn to enable you use the app

does it come with vpn?

yes it does, it has built in vpn

what is Cardro 40?

it is a powerful program hackers use to gain access to any bank bank account through debit card or bvn, it is used to flash funds, flash Spendable bitcoin and bypass OTP verifications.

click here to learn more about how to use it

to get cardro 40 kindly click HERE when you click it you will be redirected to the mainpage scroll down to the pricing table and choose which plan you want to subscribe to. Thanks for reading glad you now understand how to hack debit card