How to withdraw money using just BVN in Nigeria

in this article we are going to guide you on how to withdraw money using just BVN (bank verification number) in Nigeria, have access to random BVN but lack Withdrawing money with BVN? Don’t worry! before I explain things you can get let’s get to make you understand what BVN is all about,

WHAT IS BVN? The Bank Verification Number commonly called BVN is a biometric identification system implemented by the Central Bank of Nigeria to curb or reduce illegal banking transactions in Nigeria. It is a modern security measure in line with the Central Bank of Nigeria Act 1958 to reduce fraud in the banking system.
WHAT IS BVN FOR? BVN gives a unique identity that can be verified across the Nigerian Banking Industry. Customers’ bank accounts are protected from unauthorized access. It will address issues of identity theft, thus reduce exposure to fraud. It will enhance the credit system in the Nigerian Banking Industry.
CAN SOMEONE STEAL MY MONEY WITH MY BVN? It is simply because your BVN is your financial ID card, anyone could use it to access some of your information and orchestrate fraud. Note that no one can access funds in your account by just being in possession of your BVN details just as nothing can be done with any other of your identity cards

I hope you now understand that with just BVN your life can be wrecked, your bank account will be cleaned, all your informations, banks you bank with and everything a hacker needs is all saved in your BVN

WHAT IS THE MEANING OF BVN? BVN means Bank Verification Number, this is only for Nigerian banks.


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before we proceed on teaching you how to withdraw money using just BVN in Nigeria we will first of all teach you how to get BVN in Nigeria using just phone of the BVN holder or anyone else, all you need to do is to access the BVN holders phone or any random person you can pretend to be stranded and ask to use their phone then when you have this phone in your possession just dial “*564*0#” and the BVN number will pop up or be sent to the phone as message

NOTE: before you carry out this operation be sure to put the phone on silent because the BVN will also come as text message and will beep sound which will alert the phone owner that message came through. You must be smart!

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